The Effect of customer reviews On SEO

How reviews can affect the purchasing decision of a firm and the result on SEO.

When the idea of adding review to a brand’s strategy was discussed, below are the statistics which support the decision:

  • About 90% of customers read reviews before buying a product or service
  • Around 31% of customers would likely spend 31% more on a business which had great reviews
  • Reviews can help in boosting your results through the generation of fresh user content
  • About 72% of consumer would act after reading a positive review about a business.

The factors used by Google for ranking are changing with time and it focus mainly on the content, uniqueness, device friendliness as well as social sharing.

Therefore, every new piece of content should have the following characteristics:

  • Unique (should not be found somewhere else)
  • Relevant (the engine should be able to interpret the content as relevant)
  • Helpful (resolve the searcher’s request in an efficient and useful manner)
  • Uniquely valuable (provide information which cannot be gotten somewhere else)
  • Offers great UX (It can be used easily on any kind of device)
  • Likely to spread (it must convincingly answer the question ‘who would amplify this content and the reason why?’)

It was estimated that about 9.8% of the total ranking factor was accounted for by review signals, which implies that they are very relevant during SEO, especially if a brand can benefit from their usage.

Ways by Which Reviews Can Help SEO

1. It creates fresh user-generated content

Contents are always needed and reviews are an excellent kind of content which are generated by users, it comes directly from users making it more relevant and influential for future customers. It is an excellent way to get relevant contents and this should be encouraged.

2. It boosts long-tail keyword traffic

Because reviewers are those people that buy your products, they would use the same language with your targeted audience and this will help you in targeting more audience through the usage of the appropriate keywords which comes directly from your own customers i.e. reviewers.

3. It enhance social conversation

If for instance a series of impressive reviews helps to increase the popularity of your product, social reach as well as sales, the addition of review to your social strategy as a way to prove the love for your product would be an excellent strategy.

4. High-rated sites are being favored by Google

Google also uses the rating of sites and therefore favors those ones with the highest ratings. The review can enhance your social proof as well as authority which imply that you should not relax after getting reviews on your site; you should also look for ways by which you can improve them.

5. Receive visible star ratings

Whenever the star ratings are displayed in Goggle search results, potential customers would be able to decide if they can trust your product and then visit your site. This would help to increase the traffic as well as the sales but it is sometimes difficult to achieve.

Your star rating is not determined by Google but a third-party review sites which Goggle relies on. You should have a minimum of 30 different reviews during the previous year and they must have an average of 3.5 or higher value.

The star rating may likewise result to an increase in the conversion rate of about 17%, which serves as an excellent incentive to research more about them, along with Google’s guidelines on the eligibility.

6. It improves product ranking

There will be a higher opportunity to rank in SERPS when more people search for your product review thereby increasing the chances of seeing more searches in the form of product name and review.

This may also serve as an additional means to reach your potential customers in the most relevant way whenever they are searching for more information about your products.

How you can enhance the usage of reviews

Chris Bullick stated the best ways by which you can use reviews for your brand’s strategy and they are listed below:

  1. Have a strategy: There is need for you to have a strategy so that you won’t leave your brand reputation to chance.
  2. Encourage reviews: There are many ways by which you can encourage more reviews; this can be through email campaigns, through site or the usage of social media. Ensure you keep asking for more review because newer reviews are always welcome.
  3. Track and improve your score: This is not limited to gaining new review, but also about enhancing your rating so as to increase the conversion rate. When you have a closer communication with customer, you will be able to know what customers want from your products and how you can improve it in order to get better reviews.
  4. Reward reviews: Do you want to have more reviews? You can easily accomplish this by giving your customers rewards, but make sure you do not provide too many rewards.
  5. Right time – right place: Asking for reviews at every place and time is inappropriate, most especially when considering the purchase journey. Ensure you are targeting the appropriate audience when requesting for reviews, rather than genetic audience which may visit only once.
  6. Use rich snippets: Whenever rich snippets are used on your product page, it would help your review to show in the search results if the right information which can be used to trace your product is included.
  7. Reply to reviews: The reviews are also part of your communication with your customers; this implies that you have to answer reviews, even the worst one. Make sure you apologize to a disappointed customer and let them realize you are ready to offer assistance if possible.
  8. Keep calm and carry on: Make sure you set a tone which would show your brand and make sure you stick to it. Note that the tone has to be helpful and polite but may be authentic so that it would enhance the customers experience when needed.
  9. Use the best third party review site: Due to the fact that Google relies on third party review sites to determine a site’s review, it is an excellent idea to learn more about these sites and work towards having a better reputation so that you will have great SERPs.
  10. Do not forget Facebook ratings: You should include the review strategy on other social media, especially Facebook in your review strategy; this is because many users visit Facebook to learn about various products and brands.
  11. Embrace bad reviews: Negative reviews are also essential for your review strategy because most users would like to read them. You should ensure they are well monitored so that the customers experience would be improved, respond to them as soon as you can and make sure you do not delete or hide them.

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