Site Visitor Match Marketing

What is Site Visitor Match Marketing?

Simply put, it’s the ability to deterministically resolve the identity of anonymous website visitors. Here’s what that means and why it matters. Everyday prospects are visiting your website and actively looking for products or services you sell. They are in your sales funnel and preparing to buy. Your marketing should be focused on them and prospects that look like them because they’re your quickest path to profits today but you don’t know who they are so you end up treating your prospects like everyone else. See the problem?

Now you might be saying I can retarget them so I’m covered, really? If you’re relying on platform retargeting cookie you’re letting those ad platforms dictate what you can do, how you can do it, where or how long and pretty much everything. They are the silent controlling business partner you never knew you had and didn’t invite in. One that controls all the shots and controls how much profit you can or can’t make. To make matter worse they don’t care about your profits, they only care about their profits. They’re what’s known as a powerful supplier and they’re driving down your profits and we’ll look at that in a minute. For now just realize you don’t have a say in any of this let alone a vote and that’s not even mentioning anyone at any time can simply clear their cache. And what happens to your precious cookies when they do that? They’re gone and you have to start all over again from scratch and that’s just the start because there are a whole host of identity resolutions that site visitor match allows you to do that old fashioned retargeting does not.

Look at it this way, Bob owns different devices that he interchanges throughout the day. He also visits a ton of places online, Facebook, YouTube, his favorite football team’s website, news sites, you name it Bob is everywhere. Now to be able to market to Bob on a people based level which means you know it’s Bob whether it’s on his desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Using his email addresses and the average person uses more than four email addresses and whether he’s using any of those devices on FB or Twitter or a Rock Climbing blog you first need to resolve Bob’s identity because you’re not marketing to Bob’s laptop, you’re marketing to Bob. You’re not marketing to Bob on FB, you’re marketing to Bob. You simply can’t do that if all Bob is to you is a cookie that can disappear at the worst time and that lives on one browser on one device rather than a person, make sense?

So here’s how you do that, how you transfer Bob’s cookie into a real person. In order to resolve Bob’s identity you first need to make sure Bob is a real person and not a robot and there’s one thing we know about bots, they don’t buy things. So when Bob signs up on a website he has to pay, we know he’s real. Once he logs in to access the content he paid for we can place a smart pixel that links up to Bob’s email address that he used to login to the site and that’s matched up to all the other information we know about Bob in our identity graph. Things like the other email addresses he uses or the ID’s of his various devices. Our identity graph deterministically determines the ID of Bob and more than 260 million consumers just like him. On average we can resolve the identity of more than 55% for any visitor on any website, which we can match up more than 2.6 emails and 2.5 device ID’s on average per person and that’s a pretty big deal because now you can do a whole world of things you couldn’t do before.

Remember what your goal is here, you want to be able to reach Bob, not Bob on FB, not Bob on YouTube, or Bob on his tablet at Twitter, just plain Bob wherever he is and whatever device he’s using. With Site Visitor Marketing you can, with cookies you can’t. Site Visitor Marketing gives you complete traffic insight and cookies don’t. Ownership and control of your targeting data forever, cookies don’t. The list of things that Site Visitor Marketing can do is ridiculously long. Site Visitor Match gives you a permanent record of your Best Leads, a portable method that’s platform agnostic, the ability to target behavioral and demographic lookalikes across any platform, anytime for as long as you want. True omnichannel marketing that even allows you to reach site visitors offline through things like direct mail, outbound phone calls or radio and television.

Sales match accountability, the ability resolve a visitors identity without a form fill, click to call capability, dynamic inbound conversion, email retargeting without the need for an optin, real time targeting that lowers CPC by 25-75% on average and even with all that we’re just getting started. See we give you power and protection. Power and Protection against the forces that you and every company on earth that competes with for profits. What are the forces competing for your profits? Rival Companies, Powerful Suppliers, New Rivals entering the marketplace, Alternative marketing tactics that don’t really give you leverage for CPA (Cost per Acquisition).

We increase our client’s profits and drastically reduce your CPA. So now you have a choice to keep doing what you’re doing or make your marketing dollars smart and work for you instead of against you. Think of it this way, if you have 1000-2000 or more site visitors per month only a maximum of 4-5% will actually contact you and that’s great but think of all the profit you’re losing by not marketing to the other 95%. Remember all sales start online in the form or keyword research or content consumption but when they visit your website they are actively researching and pursuing what you sell. Let me say that again, when someone visits your website they are actively researching and pursuing what you sell so marketing to these people who are looking at their options makes a lot of sense. They are right now looking and weighing their options in the buyer’s journey and now that you know who they are you can market to them for exactly what they’re looking for. If you don’t there’s a 95% chance that sale goes to a competitor.

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